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Why Star Park?

Quality People Lead To Greater Efficiency, Greater Productivity, Greater Performance

In maintaining the principles on which the company was founded, Star Park invests a great deal of time and effort into recruiting and developing a quality staff. All new hires are pre-screened for customer service aptitude, and receive comprehensive training in company policies and business goals so they understand how important they are to the company's success. They receive one-on-one, hands-on training from parking equipment vendors and Star Park management to make sure they understand how to operate our facilities. Employees also receive ongoing training twice a month to refresh skills, share ideas and problem-solve with peers.

Star Park's attendant and lot auditor staff is experienced and well-trained. They're key to our success, and we invest heavily in them.

Customer Service

Our attendants are the face of Star Park to thousands of customers each day. We care deeply about the face the parking public sees and train our employees in the many aspects of customer service. All personnel attend Star Park's quarterly "Concierge College" service seminars. Should one of your customer or employee's cars break down while parked in a Star Park facility, our attendants will promptly come to their assistance. We'll call a repair or towing service and make sure the owner is safe and comfortable until they leave the property.

Accounting and Cash Control

Our parking attendants are the first point of receipt for your revenue stream, and we take that responsibility seriously. Every employee learns how to do manual and automated fee collection and how to receive, deposit and record cash. The Star Park system is unmatched in the industry for managing and auditing cash revenue from parking facilities. At each Star Park-managed property, all parking revenue is logged in twice daily during the business week and once a day on weekends. Every ticket, every imprint, every cash transaction is reviewed and accounted for. Utilizing careful management, superior employee training, proven cash collecting methods and the latest in parking management software and technology, Star Park diligently addresses the cash intensive nature of the parking business.

Public Safety

Our security services provider trains attendants in observation techniques, in how to approach suspicious persons and in methods to keep themselves and customers safe. We have security agents that patrol our lots and garages, ensuring the safety of all vehicles and the absence of suspicious characters.

This system ensures the highest level of security, efficiency and ROI for the property owner while offering Star Park employees the opportunity to succeed and advance through maximum job performance.

Operational Training

We cross-train all employees in the operation of surface lots, garages, special events and hotel parking. This gives us the flexibility to deploy staff where needed and gives employees an opportunity to work in different environments.

Customer-focused Staff

It bears repeating: Star Park's staff is different. They're hired for their customer orientation and maturity. We provide extensive training and compensate our people appropriately. Additionally, we perform spot audits on employees to monitor appearance, courtesy and compliance with cash management policies. You won't find more conscientious parking attendants.

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